The Canadian Mountain Network Wraps Up IMD Celebrations With Live Stream

The Canadian Mountain Network wrapped up its 2017 University of Alberta Mountain Festival with a live stream to showcase the breadth of International Mountain Day celebrations across Canada. Communities and individuals from across the country joined in to truly make International Mountain Day an event we will never forget.

Hosted by the talented Meg Wilcox, a radio host and assistant professor at Mount Royal University, we connected with individuals and communities from across the country to showcase pristine, mountain landscapes and the breadth of mountain-based research currently taking place across the country. We visited the bustling ski-hills of Marmot Basin and witnessed the drastic landscape changes in Canada’s mountains with the Mountain Legacy Project. With webcams in mountains all over Canada, we indulged in the wild beauty of the Canadian mountains.

These lab tours and lectures were part of a series of events put on by the Canadian Mountain Network as part of the 2017 Mountain Festival at the University of Alberta. The Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) is a voluntary alliance of partners from universities, governments, Indigenous communities, and businesses dedicated to the sustainability of mountain environments and communities across the country and around the world.

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